16 Romantic Destinations Perfect for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is the perfect time to take your special someone on a romantic getaway. Whether you’re into relaxing strolls on the beach, candlelit dinners, or exploring the city while walking hand in hand, all you need is the right travel companion. Don’t know where to go? Look no further. I’ve asked 16 travel bloggers to share their favorite romantic destinations that will certainly inspire you to plan your own sweet escape. 1. Prague, Czech Republic (Michelle Altemeier of Sonderbarmii) One of the most romantic destinations that I would recommend is definitely Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. It’s such a beautiful city, with a big castle overlooking the Vltava river and the Old Town, friendly people and a variety of amazing restaurants, cafés or bars. Not to mention that Prague is a very affordable trip for a romantic weekend getaway! If you’re visiting Prague, you should definitely visit the castle grounds and the St. Vitus Cathedral. But don’t forget about the extensive parks and gardens, which can be found in quite a number in Prague! Petrin Hill has some wonderful gardens, including a rose garden and an orchard that is simply stunning in spring. If you’re lucky you can find the lovers stone there. After all, the park is very popular with couples, especially when they celebrate “Kissing Day”. This beautiful city with its thousand years old history and monuments, the many parks and little cobblestoned streets full with hidden cafés or bars, is a perfect place for a romantic weekend!  2. Kibale National Forest, Uganda (Melissa Legarda Alcantara of Illumelation) Here is where I spent Valentine’s Day last year. Few places on this earth are as magical, romantic, or tranquil as Nyinabulitwa is. My love and I awoke in the morning to this beautiful view from our lake-side cottage at Nyinabulitwa Safari Resort. From our creaky wooden veranda, together we gazed at the sun rising beyond the mountains, above the lake, and listened to the sweet songs of nature. Our hearts were bursting with love, with beauty, with romance. We spent the afternoon amongst wild chimpanzees in Kibale National Forest, and later, spent the evening holding hands, watching the bright day fade to a bright night littered with glittering stars. To think, that in the heart of Africa, so known for its desert and its dust, that somewhere so verdant and lush could be hiding, waiting to be discovered. Nyinabulitwa felt like it was just for us, that day. I often wonder if I’ll ever have such a fairy-tale Valentine’s Day again. 3. Old City Quebec, Canada (Rachel Campbell of Travel Tips and Tricks) Romantic destinations can be easily found around the world, but perhaps one of the best is Old Quebec City located in the Quebec providence of Canada. Within this city, couples both new and old will find a plethora of shops, restaurants, bars and scenic viewpoints dripping in European charm and available in every which direction. Fantastically beautiful in every season, Old Quebec City is inviting throughout the year, allowing the romantically inclined to visit numerous times, with each presenting a new side to the city. Lined with cobble stone roads and filled with the scents of freshly made breads and pastries, you’ll feel as if France skipped over the Atlantic just to be with you. 4. Bali, Indonesia (Jenna Morgan of My Restless Roaming Spirit) There’s a reason why Elizabeth Gilbert journeyed to Bali to discover  “love” in her soul searching quest described in her book: Eat,Pray, Love. Everything about this exotic island screams hot fiery romance! Bungalows, breakfasts in  bed, couples massages, flower baths, breathtaking scenery of volcanoes and rice fields, dinners on the beach, and vibrant sunsets to end the days, are just a few of the many reasons that Bali is the perfect fit for a romantic getaway with your sweetie. Or, as Elizabeth Gilbert discovers, Bali can also be the opportune place to experience inner peace and balance. The laid back Balinese vibes allow for perfect relaxation and a rhythmic yoga session might be just what you needed to find that self-love missing in your life. So no matter if you are single or taken, Bali will not fail to bring you some affection. 5. Santorini, Greece (Noemi Espinosa of Pinay Flying High) One of the most popular islands in the world specially for couples, newlyweds and even photographers is Santorini in Greece. The sheer beauty of this small volcanic island is astounding! Whitewashed houses with blue roofs and bougainvilleas spilling down from the rim of each windows creates such a beautiful contrast to an otherwise rough-looking cliffs of the island. Surrounded by the sea and the volcano nearby, Santorini offers an enigmatic view from wherever you stand. It’s picturesque and unique beauty certainly puts you in a romantic vibe quite easily. 6. Paris, France (Evelyn of Girl Gone Gallic)  Paris…the city of Love. Paris, the undeniable Love Capital of the world…Paris steeps in romance. Paris is THE perfect place to woo your loved one, and the first place one thinks of when contemplating the ideal romantic getaway.  The atmosphere is simply contagious, and the opportunities for romance endless.  If you have ever visited surely you must have seen the couples lounging side-by-side on manicured park lawns, strolling the streets hand-in-hand, gazing into each others eyes over a tantalizing candlelit dinner, or kissing sweetly under the twinkling lights of the Eiffel Tower.  As Audrey Hepburn has been known to have said, “Paris is always a good idea”.  7. Edinburgh, Scotland (Victoria Scott of Girl Tries Life) Ask any fan of Outlander and they’ll tell you, Scotland is sexy. With the lush green hills, men in kilts, historic castles and misty mornings, romance abounds in Scotland, no where more so than in its capital, Edinburgh. Edinburgh has long been home to storytellers and artists, celebrating this annually with the Edinburgh Fringe Theatre Festival. Outside of this internationally acclaimed event, romance and mystery fills every nook and cranny of the city. Wander down the Royal Mile, listen to epic stories … Continue reading 16 Romantic Destinations Perfect for Valentine’s Day