About Me

About Me:

Hi! My name is Janna and I’m in my 20-somethings, residing in Las Vegas, Nevada with my wonderful husband, James. I was born and raised in Manila, Philippines. I lived for almost a decade in Los Angeles so I guess you can say I’m a city girl. Moving to Las Vegas, however, turned me into a nature lover! Lately, I’m all about spontaneous road trips to national parks. Yep, that’s my thing now.

After months of procrastinating, I finally gave in and decided to document my travels. I felt compelled to start this after a little nudge from my family and friends who often ask me about my travels. But more importantly, I needed a creative space to share my travel musings. I’m a planner by nature and so this blog will also serve as a guide to my fellow explorers out there. I hope this can become a place where we can all share our travels and maybe share some tips to make our wanderlust-ing more enjoyable! Let me leave you with my favorite travel quote that started it all…

” Travel while you’re young and able. Don’t worry about the money, just make it work. Experience is far more valuable than money will ever be.”



1. a short journey, especially one taken for pleasure.


  1. Sheli

    November 30, 2015 at 3:02 am

    Hi Janna,
    I found your blog few days ago, got really interested to read more and more.You are doing great in your creative travel space.Keep it up.
    My fav travel quote is
    ‘Go where there is no path and leave a trail’

    1. Janna C.

      Janna C.

      November 30, 2015 at 9:28 pm

      Hello Sheli!

      Wow thank you so much! I appreciate the kind words. 🙂 And thanks for sharing that travel quote. Very inspiring! Have a good day. 🙂

  2. Danielle Desir

    December 16, 2015 at 8:38 am

    Found your blog via Female Travel Blogger and our recent collaboration on cliffs views! It’s nice getting to know you better!

    1. Janna C.

      Janna C.

      December 16, 2015 at 11:09 pm

      Hey Danielle! Nice to e-meet you too! Thank you for visiting my blog and for our recent collab. Looking forward to connecting more with you. xx 🙂

  3. Svenja

    January 10, 2016 at 12:30 pm

    Just found your blog via Female Travel Bloggers, and as I love road trips and you happen to live and travel in a part of the world I like a lot, I decided to follow you stat!

    1. Janna C.

      Janna C.

      January 21, 2016 at 2:06 am

      Hi Svenja!

      Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m glad you love road trips too! That’s my favorite thing to do right now. Hope you get to visit us in the US and do your own road trip soon! 🙂

      1. Svenja

        January 24, 2016 at 1:51 am

        Our next US road trip is already in its planning stages ? We have done some pretty spectacular ones over the past 15 years or so, but just can’t get enough… The longest ones were Texas to California and back in 2008, and Maine to Key West and back to NYC in 2012 – highly recommended!

  4. Kimmy

    May 3, 2017 at 2:50 am

    Gorgeous blog Janna 🙂

    1. Janna C.

      Janna C.

      May 4, 2017 at 10:50 pm

      Aww thank you Kimmy! <3

  5. Vipin Kaushal

    June 21, 2017 at 10:02 pm

    Really Nice Blog & travel quote.

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