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Aruba, Photo Diary

Photo Diary: 3 Days in Aruba

Last month, I had the privilege of returning back to sunny Aruba with the Aruba Tourism Board. The first time I visited Aruba was last summer, when my husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary in the island. I wasn’t sure if there was anything else to see or do but after spending 3 days with the locals, I was surprised to learn that there’s more to Aruba than just seeing the beautiful beaches. Day 1 Day 1 was all about yoga, snorkeling and massages. The destination: Moro  ...

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Aruba, Travel Guide

First Timer’s Guide to Aruba

For our wedding anniversary this year, we decided to go somewhere nearby and by nearby I mean less than a 12 hour flight from Las Vegas. At first, I was looking into Costa Rica or Cartagena but the weather there seemed unpredictable this time of the year. Since we only had 4 days, it came down to either New York City, Canada or the Caribbean. Two of those destinations would require a lot of walking or hiking so ultimately, we settled on the Caribbean. Most of our trips, including our recent  ...

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