10 Tips for Surviving Long Flights in Coach

Not everyone gets to sit back and relax in first class, devouring hors d’oeuvres and caviar while seating next to a unicorn. Yeah I know what goes on there on the other side. I know you guys lounge in Chanel pajama sets while getting a foot rub from a masseuse on standby. I get it, first class is the shizz. But for the rest of us who has to endure the pain of dealing with that guy who’s a sweaty mess and is leaning a bit too close or a kid who won’t stop kicking the back  ...

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A Non-Wine Drinker’s Guide to Napa Valley

Most people travel to Napa Valley for the obvious reason, to go wine tasting. Home to over 500 wineries, Napa Valley’s perfect climate and soil makes it one of the premier places to sample some of the best wines in the world. But what happens when you’re a non-wine drinker? Do you just avoid Napa Valley altogether? Or do you take a chance and explore what the world famous wine country has to offer? Earlier this year, I spent my birthday in San Francisco with my family and my  ...

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Soaring above Wine Country: Hot Air Balloon Ride in Napa

I remember when I was a kid, I was so fascinated with the sky that I would climb trees as high as I could, arms outstretched, pretending I could fly. As I got older, the fascination remained but since I can no longer climb trees, I set my sights on riding a hot air balloon instead. For my birthday this year, my husband, James and I did exactly just that. Since James was hesitant about the whole thing (something to do with 3,300 feet, I’m not really sure lol), I took it upon myself to  ...

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Unspoiled Paradise: Coron, Palawan

After a 3-day stint in Manila, James and I couldn’t wait to leave the craziness behind and enjoy a much needed relaxation in Coron. Thankfully, it’s only an hour plane ride from the metropolis. Known for deep sea fishing and shipwreck dive spots, Coron is a beautiful town on the northern side of Palawan. Huh? Palawan? If you haven’t heard of Palawan then you’re definitely missing out! Deemed as the Philippines’ last ecological frontier, the island of  ...

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Kawasan Falls: See It or Skip It?

I’ve been guilty of planning some of our trips based on photos I’ve seen on Instagram. Who needs a guide book when you can just flip through thousands of beautiful photos on the app and in an instant, be compelled to see it in person. On our recent trip to the Philippines, that is exactly what happened. I’ve seen too many photos of this stunning waterfall that it ultimately charmed its way into our itinerary. After a 2-night stay in Palawan, we excitedly booked a flight to  ...

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