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First Timer’s Guide to Aruba

For our wedding anniversary this year, we decided to go somewhere nearby and by nearby I mean less than a 12 hour flight from Las Vegas. At first, I was looking into Costa Rica or Cartagena but the weather there seemed unpredictable this time of the year. Since we only had 4 days, it came down to either New York City, Canada or the Caribbean. Two of those destinations would require a lot of walking or hiking so ultimately, we settled on the Caribbean. Most of our trips, including our recent  ...

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How to See Flamingos in Aruba

Disclaimer: I want to encourage you guys to do your own research especially when it comes to tourist traps that involves animals. A lot of companies nowadays exploit animals to make a profit and that’s why I try my best to avoid those places. I’m writing this post to share my experience. Travel tourism is experiencing an all time high thanks to an online platform we all know and love/hate, Instagram. I’m sure by now you all have seen photos of these beautiful birds  ...

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