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Away Luggage: A Must-Have Travel Item

One of my main concerns while preparing for our trip to Asia was finding a luggage I can take with me from one country to the next. And since I was traveling to 4 countries, I knew exactly what I want my luggage to be: durable. Thanks to the creative minds behind Away, I found just that. A reliable and durable luggage that will be a staple in my travel essentials for years to come. So what exactly does Away bring to the table? Features: Built-in Battery Charger Two Compartments with  ...

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How to spend two perfect days in New Orleans, Part 3

Finally, were on Day 2 of my trip to NOLA. If you’ve just tuned in, I’ve got Part 1 & Part 2 waiting for you. On our second and last full day in Louisiana, we drove to Vacherie to tour the Oak Alley Plantation. It is roughly an hour away from New Orleans, which wasn’t too bad. The best part about us driving is that it allowed us to explore other parts of Lousiana without having to pay extra for the transportation. We arrived at the plantation early in the morning,  ...

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How to spend two perfect days in New Orleans, Part 2

After enjoying our time in the Garden District, we made a beeline for the oldest neighborhood in New Orleans, French Quarter, also known as Vieux Carré. Parking was a daunting task. We had to park all the way at the end of Royal Street, which was kind of far from where all the action is. I didn’t mind it though because the charming architectural houses we saw on the way kept me busy. The houses here are simple and modest. A far cry from the grandiose houses in the Garden District. We  ...

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What NOT to miss in Washington state

Oh Washington. You make my heart skip a beat! It’s been a year since I was in Washington (not D.C.) but I still think of it often, hoping to visit again in the future. The whole vibe of the Pacific Northwest is very appealing to me. Gloomy weather, dozens of tasty food options, coffee shops at every corner and the fact that waterfalls, rainforests, lakes, coastlines & snow capped mountains are well within grasp. Known as the Evergreen State (they weren’t kidding),  ...

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Photo Diary: Grand Teton National Park

A few months ago we made another epic trip to my favorite national park, Yellowstone. Our trip always includes an overnight stay at Salt Lake City because there’s just no way we’re going to drive 12 hours straight from Vegas. From SLC, James and I opted to take another route. Instead of driving through Montana to the West Entrance, we decided to drive to Jackson,Wyoming hoping to spend a few hours in Grand Teton National Park. Grand Teton is the lesser known but not less  ...

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